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We're the development team behind Silvermint, a high-performance layer 1 blockchain with smart contracts. We're building Silvermint because we believe the world needs an easy-to-use platform for decentralized finance that performs well and is economical to use.

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Pyrofex Corporation

Pyrofex Corporation is Utah Valley’s first blockchain and cryptocurrency startup. Founded in the Spring of 2016 by ex-Googlers Mike Stay and Nash Foster, Pyrofex's mission is to bring new platforms, applications, and development tools to the blockchain community.

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Nash Foster


Nash has over 25 years of experience in the computing industry and has served on the engineering staffs of Google, Oracle, Counterpane, iBiblio, and many others. Nash studied mathematics and the theory of computation at the University of North Carolina and George Mason University. He has helped Fortune 100 companies design, implement, and manage networks and network applications securely.

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Mike Stay


Mike received his Ph.D. in Computer Science with a specialization in category theory from the University of Auckland in 2015. Before Pyrofex, Mike worked on software security tools at Google. His research interests include machine learning, type theory, cryptography, object capabilities, concurrency, n-category theory, algorithmic information theory, and quantum computation.

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Steven Werner

Software Engineer

Steve has held a number of roles in tech, such as QA testing video games, digital advertising and SEO, and web development. He was working for CDK Global in Seattle building web pages and proprietary tools when he met Nash and was offered a position with Pyrofex. Steve is currently working on building, maintaining and developing the Silvermint network.

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Matt Deal

Business Development

Matt has spent the last decade in a number of sales, marketing, and finance roles. He began his career doing credit analysis for a regional bank in Texas before going into wealth management. Most recently he launched an incubator fund specializing in commodity and energy investing. Matt is currently focused on competitive analysis, marketing, and investor relations.

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