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Solana Wallet Hacks — A Timeline

3 August 2022

At around 7:30pm EST on Tuesday night, reports began flooding in that somehow, Solana wallets were being completely drained:

“Some sort of HUGE ecosystem hack going on across #Solana $sol right now!

Shit tons of wallets being drained.

If you are using a hot wallet like Phantom then consider sending funds to your hardware wallet or even to an exchange account until we find out what is going on!” -@TheCryptoLark


There are many gambling sites and NFT mint sites that are suspected to be involved in this attack. Millions of dollars are currently being drained from wallets.” -@solblaze_org

An hour later, the Solana Foundation acknowledged the attack on Twitter:

“Engineers from multiple ecosystems, with the help of several security firms, are investigating drained wallets on Solana. There is no evidence hardware wallets are impacted.” -@solanastatus

By midnight, it was rumored that white hat hackers were actually DDoSing RPC nodes to help Solana:

“UPDATE: Several #Solana RPC nodes are offline after reportedly being DDoS attacked to slow down an ongoing exploit that drained millions of dollars from thousands of users.” @WatcherGuru

As of early morning Wednesday, the attacks are still ongoing. More than 7,500 wallets have been compromised to the tune of $6M+. At this time, it appears that Phantom and Slope wallet users are the major victims.

The latest from the Solana Foundation as of 3:00am EST indicates they still haven’t gotten to the bottom of it: “If your wallet was one of the 7,767 impacted please complete this survey — engineers are investigating the root cause.” -@SolanaStatus

If you use either a Phantom or a Slope wallet, or have any Solana on a hot wallet for that matter, the safest course of action is to move your tokens to a hard wallet or CEX while we await further news and resolutions from the Solana team.