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Achieving the Performance Promise

A Transparent Approach to Blockchain Scalability Testing

Silvermint maintains a commitment to a data-driven approach for ensuring performance and scalability that sets it apart from many other blockchain projects and highlights its dedication to transparency, openness, and real-world viability. Unlike some projects that might employ selective data presentation or manipulate statistics to present an inflated image of their capabilities, Silvermint team emphasizes testing in challenging conditions as a way of speaking to our integrity and genuine pursuit of excellence.

We continuously subject its software to rigorous internal testing under conditions that mirror the complexities of the real world. This way, Silvermint's team demonstrates their earnest effort to proactively address potential bottlenecks and vulnerabilities. This approach ensures that the blockchain can perform optimally even when faced with demanding scenarios. Silvermint is a more reliable and robust blockchain platform that can be relied upon to handle transaction flows at global scale. This stands in stark contrast to other projects that often rely on cherry-picked data points to create a misleading illusion of high performance, only to falter when confronted with actual usage spikes or network stress.

The impressive achievement of over 85,000 transactions per second (TPS) and the processing of 165,000 unspent transaction outputs (UTXOs) per second showcases Silvermint's genuine progress and capability. These numbers, achieved within a globally distributed environment across multiple countries and continents, reinforce the project's commitment to scalability and readiness for real-world demands. This performance milestone isn't just about impressive figures—it symbolizes Silvermint's pragmatic approach, rooted in concrete data, that proves its ability to handle high transaction volumes without sacrificing efficiency or security.

Silvermint TestNet Runs at 85,000 TPS

In the broader landscape of blockchain technology, Silvermint's approach underscores the importance of honest testing and verifiable results. By prioritizing actual performance over inflated claims, Silvermint positions itself as a trustworthy contender in the blockchain space, capable of delivering on its promises and meeting the complex demands of modern applications. This emphasis on realistic data, robust testing, and transparency establishes Silvermint as a pioneering project that is shaping a future of reliable and scalable blockchain solutions.