Transcending Barriers

Empowering Innovation

Silvermint is a leaderless, scalable, and secure proof-of-stake blockchain with smart contracts and censorship resistance.

Designed for developers, by developers, Silvermint offers lightweight and independent architecture making it easy to adopt incrementally.

Built for Visionaries and Innovators

Silvermint empowers innovators and visionaries to adopt blockchain technology without selling out or sacrificing their success. We're not just providing a tool; we're partnering with you and your users to acheive shared success. By helping you build the future, we're creating a better world for all.

Features You Need


Silvermint transactions finalize in under 5 seconds. And, "true" finalization means they can never be rolled back or reordred, making Silvermint the most usable blockchain in the world.


With a capacity of over 140,000 transactions per second on a single shard and transaction fees under 1/100th of a cent, Silvermint is the fastest and most affordable place to develop applications.


Silvermint's approach to staking and validation means more than 650 nodes would have to be compromised to bring down a single shard, making Silvermint the most reliable and resilient blockchain available.

Silvermint in Action

A recent load test on the Ember testnet showed a network of 100 nodes located in North America, Europe, and Asia processing payments at a rate of 55k transactions/second. Since Silvermint scales on nodes, we project a mainnet of 2,000 nodes will support 140k transactions/second.


Disrupting the Market,

but not Your DApp.


Ethereum: 5min

Avalanche: 1sec

Solana: 5sec

Near: ~1 sec


Ethereum: 13

Avalanche: 4.5k

Solana: 65k

Near: 100k


Ethereum: 2-3

Avalanche: 26

Solana: 20

Near: 6

Roadmap to Main Net

  • Q3-Q4


    Casanova Developed

    Developed highly scalable provably live and safe consensus algorithm with true finality: Casanova.

  • Q1


    Private Sale

    Initial funding round.

  • Q4


    Whitepaper Released
    Private Sale

    Second funding round.

  • Q3


    Silvermint and Symmetry Development
  • Q4


    Silvermint and Symmetry development
    Tokenomics and market research
    Silvermint incorporation
  • Q1


    Symmetry SDK release
    Public demo of Silvermint
    Release of Silvermint
    Launch public testnet
    Validator sale
  • Q2


    Incentivized testnet
  • Q4


    Mainnet Launch